Get more pre-owned car buyers. Our leads are generated using your Facebook page and delivered to your CRM with VIN, appointment time, trade-in info, & customer info. It's that simple. 

Turn Your Dealership Into Your Community's Local Trade-in Center.

High quality test drive appointments generated using your inventory in your local market.

High Quality Appointments

Learn why dealerships & marketing agencies love us.

We deliver value to our dealership & agency partners by being transparent, scalable, & data driven.

Track the performance of your campaign directly in your CRM. Our leads come in with a unique lead source & we integrate with all CRM providers in ADF/XML.

Easy Tracking

Get increased page engagement as we use your Facebook page to generate leads.

Increased Engagement

What our customers say

We bought the 50 lead package and tracked back 4 sales and 3 trades in our CRM last month." 

Karan Patel

GM, Atlanta Best Used Cars

Lock in a radius around your dealership. 

Filter down to individuals most likely to purchase a vehicle in the next few weeks.

Behavioral Targeting


Cross-Device Retargeting

Stay in front of car shoppers during the entire buying process with your inventory, even when they change devices. 

Simple Pricing.

Extraordinary Results.

With our pay-per-lead campaigns, you always get what you pay for. We guarantee high quality, VIN specific, test-drive appointments at a flat rate - delivered right to your CRM.

Are you ready to sell more cars?

Get high quality VIN specific test drive leads generated using your inventory & Facebook page for just $19/lead.



Q: I currently run or have ran similar advertising  in the past and didn't get results. Why does your solution work?

A: We've tested our Facebook lead generation system in dealerships around the country. By leveraging the data that we have collected from hundreds of campaigns, we know which campaign strategies perform. In short, we've spent a ton of money on Facebook ads.

A: Our leads are local car shoppers in the late stage of the buying process. Each lead fills out a multi-question high intent form, then verifies the information is correct before it hits your CRM.

Q: The Facebook leads I've gotten in the past from another provider were junk. What are you doing to get better lead quality?

A: Yes! We generate leads outside of Facebook Marketplace Listings. One of the campaigns that we run for you specifically targets car shoppers who are viewing vehicles from your inventory on marketplace. We present them with an incentive to come test drive the vehicle they have shown interest in. 

Q: I'm already on Facebook Marketplace. Is this different?

A: Our leads get delivered directly into your CRM in ADF/XML format. This allows us to easy distinguish our lead lead source from other leads your dealership is getting from your current Facebook provider or Facebook Marketplace Listings.

Q: How do you track sales?

A: Our leads convert at between 8-12%. For example if you purchased 100 leads from us you should expect to sell an additional 10-12 vehicles. 

Q: How well do your leads convert?

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A: Yes, we do offer full white labeling. You can offer our services to your existing clients and take all the credit! Leads will come in as your agency's name, you'll be assigned a partnership performance manager and agency pricing. Contact for white label requests. 

Q: We are a marketing agency and would like to offer your service to our clients. Do you offer a white label solution?

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We guarantee that every purchase of 100 leads will create an additional $9,500+ in new gross profit for your dealership.

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